The Anna Simpson and Chris Hendon

Wedding Registry

Wedding: June 8, 2019

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The Anna Simpson - Chris Hendon Registry

$145.00   Bowl Terra cobalt 12” #924 SOLD

$85.00     Server Terra cobalt 9” Square #092 SOLD

$195.00   Platter Terra cobalt Med Oval #054 SOLD

$160.00   Pitcher Simon Pearce Glass Woodbury Large #1214

$135.00   Vase Simon Pearce Glass Newbury Med #1298 SOLD

$90.00     Vase Simon Pearce Glass Newbury Sm #1626 SOLD

$65.00     Bud Vase Simon Pearce Glass Woodbury #5506 SOLD

$145.00 each Hurricane Simon Pearce Glass wants 2 Nantucket  Md SOLD

$195.00 each Hurricane Simon Pearce Glass wants 2 Nantucket Lg #1110 SOLD

$135.00 set Cream / Sugar Simon Pearce Glass Woodbury #7114 SOLD

$250.00 a pair Candlestick Simon Pearce Glass Hartland Sm #8009 SOLD

$175.00    Bowl Simon Pearce Glass Thetford Lg #1247 SOLD

$65.00 each Glass Whiskey Simon Pearce Glass wants 4 #1194 SOLD

$65.00 each Coaster Simon Pearce Glass with “H” etched wants 2 SOLD

$202.00    Wedding Frame Pewter 8 x 10 with Engraved Mono & Date SOLD

$120.00 set of 6 Pilsner Glass Stephens Mono set of 6 lette r “H” SOLD

$138.00 pair  Champagne William Yeoward “Fanny” SOLD

$98.00  Throw SOLD

$180.00  Lacquer Tray 22” x 14” “True Blue” SOLD

Simpson Hendon Registry


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