The Jessica Seeley and Aaron Santell

Wedding Registry

Wedding: May 23, 2020

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The Jessica Seeley - Aaron Santell Wedding Registry

$480.00 Snail Salt Dishes Antique ( Silver Plated Bronze) SOLD

$595.00 Tea Tray Antique Silver Plate from England SOLD

$195.00 Sauce Boat Antique Silver Plate SOLD

$230.00 Candy Dish Victorian Antique Silver Plate sold

$60.00 set of 6 Cocktail Napkins “Drinks”

$132.00 for 6 Tumblers Acrylic Tall Cobalt would like 2 sets of 6

$35.00 pair Salt Shakers Shells

$140.00 Honey Jar William Yeoward Clear SOLD

$170.00 Ceramic Server Cobalt / Paisley #9288

$145.00 Ceramic Server Square 11” Braid / Cobalt #091

$180.00 Ceramic Server Platter Braid / Cobalt #943

$92.00 Frame Mariposa Palm Frond Engraved

$55.00 each Champagne Coup William Yeoward  “Corinne” would like 4

$98.00 Throw Would like 2 one Tangerine one Dune

$29.00 each Cheese Knife Sabre French “bistrot” mixed handles

$180.00 Steak Board with Whale Handles

$75.00 each 5 pc place setting English Stainless “Baguette” wants 24

$54.00 each Dinner Napkins Linen Monogramed Narrow trim wants 24

$380.00 each Lamp Blue Splatterware & shade wants 2

Seeley Santell Registry


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