The Meredith Lewis and Donald Robert Napp

Wedding Registry

Wedding: June 8, 2019

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The Meredith Lewis - Donald Robert Napp Wedding Registry

$135.00 Vase Simon Pearce Glass Weston Flare M #6416 SOLD

$175.00 Hurricane Simon Pearce Glass Woodbury #8448 L would like 2  

$235.00 Bowl Simon Pearce Glass Woodbury Bowl L #1235 SOLD

$175.00 Bowl Simon Pearce Glass Revere M #1250

$150.00 Pitcher Simon Pearce Glass Ascutney M #6524

$195.00 Chiller Simon Pearce Glass Woodbury Chiller #3546 SOLD

$78.00 for 6 DOF Glasses Set of 6 Square Mono Glasses #5550 SOLD

$180.00 Vase Jill R Cylinder color Monet

$138.00 Herb Pot Jill R color Monet

$260.00 Tray with matching dip bowl Jill R color Monet

$274.00 Bowl Jill R Large Round Monet

$135.00 Tray Lacquer 15” x 12” x 2” Navy with white trim SOLD

$250.00 Tray Lappas Glass with Leather Handles #67 Navy Lizard SOLD

$84.00 Frame 4 x 6 Tortoise shell with Silver trim

$90.00 Frame 5 x 7 Tortoise shell with Silver trim SOLD

$95.00 Wooden Cheese Board With single horse bit handle SOLD

$220.00 Tray Old Silver Plate Alligator Pattern Tray

$168.00 each set of 6 Linen Placemats Wipeable Periwinkle Would like 2 sets

$108.00 set of 2 Linen Napkins Monogrammed would like 6 sets SOLD 2 Sets

$78.00 set of 6 Mono Glasses #814 MND SOLD

$202.00 Frame Pewter Wedding Date written out & mono

$98.00 Throw Blanket Light Blue SOLD

Lewis Napp Registry


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