The Louisa Costa and Zander Masucci

Wedding Registry

Wedding: June 18, 2022

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The Louisa Costa -  Zander Masucci Wedding Registry

$105.00 each Flatware Simon Pearce  “Charlotte” 5 pps wants 12 sold 6

$350.00-$450.00 Tray Antique Silverplate England

$90.00 each Wine Glass William Yeoward Bella Bianca in blue wants 8

$90.00 Salt & Pepper Grinders French Small White Lacquer SOLD

$170.00  Tray Lacquer Burled Wood 12 x 15 SOLD

$216.00 Wedding Frame Polished Pewter Wedding Portrait mono & date 8 x 10

$150.00 Bowl Simon Pearce Glass Barre Med #1486

$70.00 each Venetia Old Fashioned by William Yeoward wants 8 SOLD

Costa Masucci Registry


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