The Dana Apruzzese and Gregory Pierce

Wedding Registry

Wedding: January 14, 2023

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The Dana Apruzzese & Gregory Pierce Wedding Registry

$185.00 Steak board Wood Cleat Handle SOLD

$245.00 Lacquer Tray Grey 14” x 22” SOLD

$98.00 Throw Light Blue

$98.00 Throw Medium Blue

$180.00  Platter Ceramic Terra Cobalt / deco #943

$230.00 Platter Ceramic Terra Cobalt / Aspen #056

$82.00 Frame Bamboo Silver Plate 8 x 10

$66.00  Frame Silver Plate Enamel 5 x 7  

$480.00 Wood Bowl Salad Andrew Pearce Walnut 16”

$85.00 Salad Servers Andrew Pearce Walnut  

$165.00 Bowl Burleigh Transferware Asiatic Pheasant

$150.00 Jug Burleigh Transferware Asiatic Pheasant

Apruzzese Pierce Registry


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